At sea

So. We are at sea finally. Me and Monark. My intention was going north, but having seen the weather forecast, I changed my mind. Winds from north for a couple of days, and the turning south. Which meant that it would be beating both up and down. No! So I went south instead. The southern archipelago of Göteborg is a bit of a white spot for me, so why not? I am on an island called Fjordholmen, where 

I never had been before. I realized the true meaning of: “Training gives skills”! Three times I failed to both anchor and jump ashore. I simply was to scared to give ample speed. Finally I managed to get the anchor line in the propell

er! I was alone at the island, and that was good for my battered ego. But here I am.

Looking at the weather forecast last evening I saw that a NE gale was coming. So I added a line to land to be safer. The anchor which I never had tried before didn’t give me good vibes. And that was a good thing. At 2 o’clock I woke up. The wind was strong, but it seemed like it was safe. Two ladies some 50 meters west of me had not do

ne what I did, and the anchor lost it’s grip and they were in trouble. So I gave them some assistance in the dark to secure with ropes from land. There they stayed til morning when the

Sea rescue Hovås

called the sea rescue. With the easterly strong wind the water had sunk with some 20 cm, and they were really stuck

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