Climate change?

This summer has been something extraordinary weather-wise. I don’t think we ever has experienced any summer with that much sun and heat. For sailors it is a blessing, for others like farmers, a catastrophe. Firefighters will join in to that song. In Sweden there has never been that many wild fires in modern times. I have been out with the big boat, Tolda, for some three weeks soon, and of course I like it. Last year there was hardly any sun and heat. But! I can not wipe out the possibility that this is an effect of the global climate change. I know the difference between weather and climate (Trump does not!) but still! Today some scientists published research that indicated that we already have passed an threshold which implies that it is already too late to stop the change. A sort of domino effect will trigger some horrible results. Some parts of our blue planet will be impossible to stay at.

I have 6 grandchildren and a another on the way. Although I don’t want to die yet, (I know I will) that planet they will face I don’t want to see.

God bless them.

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