Long time, no see

In 2005 a friend from my office in Göteborg left for a sail around together with his wife. It turned out to be a much longer journey than I had expected. They are still on the move. They have been more or less around the whole world for the last 14 years. Antarctica, South America, Pacific, East Asia, you name it. They left with one boat Lindisfarne, a Forgus 37. They got a new boat in Malaysia, Moon, and carried on. Sometimes I think about their way of sailing when I take a glance on the weather forecast, see that it will be rain and wind. And refrain from going out.
Yesterday I 2005was at Öckerö, doing woodwork on Tolda. I took a late evening stroll along the harbour, and came to the slipway. There was a boat called Moon waiting! I checked their homepage, and, yes, they had finally reached home. I met Björn, the workmate, the morning after and had a little chat2005. They are going to do some maintenance and then carry on sailing, but not all year round.
They have kept a very comprehensive homepage all the time. Well worth reading.

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