Other activities

There has not been much activity on water the last three weeks. One short day tour with Monark, that is all. Instead I have been “forced” to take on a renovation  project. A small sauna at my mother’s summer house. That is, I consider it being hers since my father and she built it together in 1955. But she is 88 and I do the up keeping (which is a shame) and pay for it all. It is a nice house situated by a lake, I like it, but it is not used enough.

The final result
Before we started

Nevertheless, the old sauna that my father constructed in 1969 was overdue for a overhaul. The exterior was once a fantastic job that he had done. He had gathered a lot of narrow pine trees, removed all the bark and branches, and finally cut them into halves. Splendid work! 40 years later however, it was quite rotten. I had putting it off for some years, but now it had to be done. So a month ago I started. My wife’s son, who had been working a lot on building sites promised to help me, and on top of that a retired carpenter assisted for a couple of days. As always, projects like that take about three times as much time as anticipated. In this case even more. The building had very few straight angels. My father was a very skilled tailor, but as a carpenter? He did a better job than I would have done, but not perfect, which meant some difficulties. But today we closed it for this time. There are some small things to complete, but now I had enough. I long back to the sea.